Data exploration with R and Shiny

I've begun experimenting with R and it's incredibly powerful package Shiny. Shiny lets you create interactive web-apps using your R data, passing inputs and outputs back and forth between a graphical user interface and R.

Below you can see a tool I've created for exploring pesticide use reporting (PUR) data in California. The raw data from the Department of Pesticide Regulation is hard to work with - it's gigabytes of information in large tables. This tool puts the same information on a map, making it intuitive and even fun to play with the data. I've only included data for four counties surrounding Woodland, CA.

If you're interested in learning more about how to build one of these tools, or would like help constructing one with your dataset, feel free to contact me directly or visit my consulting website at

Full-screen version of the PUR Data Explorer here.